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About Us

The story so far...


Founded by artist, Aimee Grundell, we create unique items & experiences to make people go ‘wow’. We work with brands, events and individuals to bridge the gap between the online and physical worlds of advertising, events and marketing, and by combining artistic energy with engineering knowledge, there really isn't anything we can’t create. Try us. 

Having worked with more brand managers and creatives than you can shake a stick at, we ‘get’ commercial strategy. Not only do we make weird & wonderful things that get people talking, we also do things that generate press coverage and social media hype. 

We work with our clients in creative partnerships, helping to shape ideas within time and budget constraints, and we're fascinated with emerging products, new materials and are always on the lookout for the most effective eco solutions.

Working with a small team of full-time specialists and creative design, engineering, fabrication and artist partners, AG has the space, expertise and downright passion to solve any problem, help businesses bring their ideas to life and create the next Olympics opening event, should they come knocking.


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