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Ramp Revamp with Keighley Creative

Back in August we spent the best part of a month working with Keighley Creative to breathe new life into Keighley town centre.

Armed with vibrant paints, life size cut outs of people from the community and some amazing volunteers (looking at you Mel and Ryan!), we set out to transform an under utilised concrete ramp into a space that everyone in Keighley can use and enjoy.

As part of #SummerUnlockedBD, our main goal was to reflect the vibrant and unexpected spirit of Keighley and the people that live there. With support and funding opportunities from Bradford Council, Bradford 2025 and The Leap we managed to reinvent the space as a multi-purpose area - complete with a stage for busking, a large scale graffiti mural and visions of events and a community garden for the future.

To follow Ramp Revamp's journey from ideation to now, head over to the project's Instagram page.


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